Eat It: Chloe tries Philly Pretzel Factory’s Philly-style pretzels


This is not your typical mall pretzel.

PHOENIX- Finally, you can get a taste of Philly-style pretzels right here in the Valley.

Philly Pretzel Factory owners Gary Love and Nancy Smith describe their pretzels as “wow”. Although they might be bias having grown-up in the Philadelphia area.

Still, customers keep coming back and Philly Pretzel Factory is twisting pretzels by the hundreds.

It all starts with fresh dough mixed and pushed through a “stringer”. From there, the pretzels are hand-twisted in sets of five. After proofing, they’re baked and served fresh to hungry customers.

On the menu, a classic plain pretzel served with a variety of dips. There’s also smaller “rivets” and the very popular Philly cheese steak-stuffed pretzels.

Philly Pretzel Factory is open Monday through Sunday. Find their full hours online.

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