Hand-Crafted Gifts that Help Feed Children


Local nonprofit helps break the chain of poverty. 

Feed My Starving Children has shipped nearly two billion meals to malnourished children all across the globe. But they didn’t stop there. The organization has added even more ways to fundraise and break a chain of poverty in the areas involved in their feeding program. People who receive these meals now also create handmade crafts to sell at the Feed My Starving Children office. This holiday season, they’ve put together a catalog so you can buy a gift and help someone in need. More than 40 artisans are employed by Feed My Starving Children, and you can read every artist’s story from Nicaragua, Haiti, Swaziland and more. On the tag of every handmade craft is the number of meals that will be donated with the money made from the gift. 

Learn more about the artisans from around the world, and if you see a craft you like, check out the online marketplace, or visit the store in Mesa, Ariz. 

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